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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

10 Ways to Quit a Bad Habit

Knowing the habits which you dislike and can not discontinue from it is one major problem today which many are facing. These can be habits from youth age to adulthood, most are peer pressures and others are colonized factor around the vicinity where you live.

Although civilized places like in the west, south and east or northern area where tradition is the order of the day, controlling a habit which is not peculiar to you as a person becomes difficult because the location is not also a good compliment. Therefore in attempt to quit most bad habits within you, you should be willing to relocate at any time if it is imperative to do so.

Actions to be taken whenever you are ready to quit a long time bad habit must be guided by a strong will of character and discipline. You must be ready for challenges arising from your new decision. However, it is a gradual process and so allow a bit of patience in between the whole process.

HABITS on the other hand is a continuous growth in formation of character with time. One must carefully adjust at all times when implementing any personal behavioral approach.

The Ten Ways to quit Bad Habits completely are;
1. Discovering the habits:
Only the problems you are able to identify that you can ultimately handle .

2. Promote a different reception to old habits:
This involves your response and how you approach old habits no matter how they come. Just change the reception approach into other ways like delay, criticize, reject or complete abstinence.

3. Discipline:
This is majorly the power of character formation, control, management and decision making.

4. Honesty:
Begin with telling yourself how sincere it feels to quit for your own good and be honest enough not to play games with your mind if you are not ready. This is more harmful too.

5. Campaign:
Take it fun to practise a campaign for habits break-offs and desire it even more to never go back while telling the break-off story gradually to friends and family but not too quickly and remember make it fun and simple about breaking up. Its like a trick but very magical and experimental. Expect to see results after some time from what you just thought was a joke.

6. Change Friends Circle:
Oh! Yea i mean real change indeed. The friends you follow will either make you or mar you. Be wise and very careful in choosing your new set of friend-relationships, though its hard but thats your priority for now because your transformation demands for it along the processing of quiting a bad habit like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, prostitution, abortion, drugs etc.

7. Relocate:
When the area you live in changes you due to influence of your peers and social pressure then its time to relocate because you need a change.

8. Avoid Procastination:
Always keeps integrity constant in all that you do even to yourself. Make things possible if you can and proceed with the required actions relevant to achieving every set goals rather than just talk about it all night long.

9. Consult a Professional Adviser:
To make this quest achievable and properly guided, it is wise to always seek counsel from professionals in relevant psychological departments and interestingly some of the habits you may discover are even handed over from generation to generation, but consultation will be up to the measure of pulling you out likewise.

10. The God Factor:
Obviously, this is first but not the least factor, God is the order of the day and night. He is the supreme maker of life and death. He knows how to treat issues most physicians do not even know a thing about.

At this juncture, i wish you goodluck in your quest as you find peace again while turning a new live.

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