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Friday, 18 November 2016

15 things all men should know about pregnant women

Your wife is pregnant and you feel like a burden just arrived, no you just need knowledge enough about things that you should know concerning pregnant women.

1. If she is hungry feed her
2. Don't criticize her changing appearance
3. Be kind to her as pregnancy brain is not a mirage. She is likely to forget where she kept most of her belongings, just ignore these instances and always remember that things will return back to normal once your baby arrives.
4. Sex will not harm the baby but do not expect your wife to enjoy it. So consider your wife's changing sexual needs.
5. She needs pillow more than you
6. She will noy break because she is pregnant. She hasn't turned into a glass. So treat her well but dont over do it.
7. Pregancy is about her, since she is the one who undergoes the changes during pregnancy. Though you are excited about parenthood but it is advisable to allow her to be the centre of atraction.
8. Don't ask just do: Go get the doctor instead whenever she asks for anything. Dont ask 'are you sure?' All you need to do is follow her lead.
9. The delivery room: It's your wife who decides whom to be with her during childbirth. If she ask you to be around, great. If not dont sink.
10. She is tired, not lazy
11. She needs your sweet words and lovely massages always.
12. Prenatal visits are important
13. She is too hormonal, don't mean it
14. She is right: accept that she is right if you want peace at home.
15. She is scared.

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