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Friday, 18 November 2016

ASUU Plans to emabark on another indefinite strike

The ASUU Chairman recently stressed that the call was necessary to avoid the embarrassment that the last ASUU strike caused the nation.
So ASUU said they just began nationwide warning strike. They said its one week. At the same time, Saraki is negotiating with them on behalf of FG.

ASUU is another cancer worm eating deep into our nation's commonwealth. These guys are same with, if not worse than the corrupt politicians everywhere.

Lisrenning to ASUU Chairman, Unilag chapter last night on TVC news and the guy could not give any sensible reason for this strike. Some guys got sacked, others received half salary, bla bla bla. The solidarity chanting by the group makes one sick.

Just for the records. After 2009 ASUU/FG agreement which we do not even know the details, the body asked all varsities to resume academic activities after 4months of strike.

Meanwhile, all five southeastern governors refused to respect the agreement prompting ABSU, IMSU, ANSU, ESUT and EBSU to remain shut for extra 6 months. Within this period, the almighty ASUU and her solidarity team went to bed and nothing happened. 
No one joined these five varsities to go on strike. Outside southeast, things went normal except for federal universities.

When are we going to learn? One gets fired in Ogbomoso for whatever reason, then another man goes home in Uturu, refusing to work in the name of strike. Incredible!

Make una wait, Everything isn't FG, the greed within different sectors stakeholders is alarming.

Abeg Saraki, promise them SUVs so that the beat can go on. Una try sha!!!
He further said “All the strike ASUU had embarked upon in this country were basically because the Federal Government failed to honour agreements freely entered with us.“It is also sad that each time before we begin the strike, we would give the government enough warnings and grace to make them retrace their steps. But they always fail.“We don’t know why the government is always unwilling to implement the documents signed by their representatives.

However, we will continue to fight for the system because if the system collapses, we will collapse with it.”ASUU chairman, UI chapter, Dr. Olusegun Ajiboye, said it was unfortunate that successive governments in Nigeria failed to learn from history as they always wait till major standoff with their members before doing what is necessary.

Dr. Olusegun Ajiboye expressed appreciation to the Nigerian Press for standing by ASUU during the struggle, adding that the support was not really for the members, but for a better Nigeria.

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