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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Billions of Naira, thrown out of treasury- FG tells citizens of Nigeria

Amidst the recession, community clashes and economic meltdown, Nigeria seems to have lost more than the imaginable out of the Nation's treasury. Federal Government of Nigeria still in a conquest with crime and financial corruptions hovering around the high and mighty in the society, the citizens yet do not have a hope of a better survival for the rest of the year ending.

Reportedly, times over and again, the executive house continuously raises an alarm of blames upon the past leadership of the country as been responsible for economic situation of the country. The FG decries how unaccountable billions of naira was embezzled with no account statements to track relevant expenditures, government expenses and surplus allowances sighted during the tenure of the just concluded regime of the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
Source: Premiumtimesng

After a year spent out of the four year tenure acrued the present government in the country, the Buhari led government which is incumbent still believes his predecessors were lavish and unaccountable in office that led the Nation however swindling fast into its financial crash.
Efforts to curb this plenty crimes of politicians robbing tax payers by the incumbent has been forceful and unrelenting, although it has been proactively successful in areas of recovering stolen funds and looted sums already off the shores of the country, EFCC who has been in the frontline to bring all those involved in any sort of financial crime to book is strongly a tool used to achieve the mission and also with the assistance of other international and corporate financial crimes commision has also been significant.

Little wonder, how it managed to counter act into the judicial arm with a lot of the magistrate court judges liable to face trials over fraud and involvements in huge bribery cases and also issues not unconnected to past and current leaders of the country.

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