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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Clinton: FBI Spill Out More On Hillary, Investigates Other Related Issues From her e-Mail Saga

The Former US Secretary Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton in her tenure in office used personal server from her family home to communicate via her personal email account which she used on several occasions for official purposes instead of the usual official mail account for her office as the US Secretary. 

In response, Clinton has said that her use of personal email was in compliance with federal laws and State Department regulations and that former secretaries of state had also maintained personal email accounts, though not their own private email servers.After allegations were raised that some of the emails in question contained classified information, the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) initiated an investigation regarding the origin and handling of classified emails on Clinton’s server. 

The FBI Report found that some of the emails originated in five other intelligence agencies. The FBI found that all classified emails on Clinton’s server were drafted on “unclassified systems,” meaning that they were stored and sent from unclassified servers, violating the same policies as those on Clinton’s personal server.

FBI Director James Comey identified 110 emails as containing information that was classified at the time it was sent, including 65 emails deemed "Secret" and 22 deemed "Top Secret." None of these had classification markings. However, as noted in Clinton’s non-disclosure agreementunmarked classified information should be treated the same as marked classified information. An additional three email chains contained “portion markings,” simply a “(C)” indicating “Confidential” in front of one or more paragraphs. These were not included in the Comey’s list of 110, because the State Department failed to confirm they were classified at the time they were sent. Clinton told the FBI she did not know the meaning of “(C).” Nearly 2,100 emails on the server were retroactively marked as classified by the State Department.

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