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Monday, 14 November 2016

Functions of a Good Sleep

A good health begins with the hands. Always ensure that you keep your both hands properly clean and healthy at all time. Most especially because all other parts of the body gets connected through the hands including feeding and breastfeeding children.

These function of a good sleep are peculiar to having a well deserved sleep that is timely. A good dosage of sleep for older people should be up to 9hours above and for infants, they are expected to sleep for 11-12hours or more so as to maintain a healthy weight and positive health system.

Below are some of the listed functions;
1. Makes the organs efficient in their work
2. Increases stimuli in the body
3. Helps to properly regulate the flow of carbon and oxygen in the body
4. Revives weak nerves/tissues
5. Revamps all corners of the bones
6. Decreases stress and relieves aches easily
7. Increases the immunity and response to antibodies
8. Maintains a balance of salt and water in the body
9. Helps to energize the muscles
10. Decreases the risk of heart failure/tension or weight loss

The above function of a good sleep are based on research and subjected to a more professional recommendation.
This is where we say stay healthy and always comeback for more posts.

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