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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Harmful Effects of Anger

Anger is a temperamental response to a bad feeling or offensive reactions. Usually, every one gets angry and can most times become even more angered.

Controlling Anger is possible with these tips below.
1. Do not take a decision when angry
2. Excuse yourself from the arena where the feeling sprang by moving away for some time
3. Be very calm or much better stay quiet
4. Think of the possible damages of revenge
5. Ask for help to make any move, it is advisable to not do anything at the time, seek assistance from a neighbor around for that moment.

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Harmful Effects of Anger
A pinch of salt added into a pot of soup already been cooked could make it not enjoyable or worse if caution is not duly applied. The same way it could be if anger overrides one excessively, to cause damages that may take a while to amend.


Not only that a damage may take long to rebuild, it is worse not to have a wholesome mindset in a long time due to anger, when one who never makes mistakes easily in the past but now peculiar with making countless errors even with the smallest task he or she does. Emotional Trauma can make a person feel sick even if you are fit, the state of mind at the time is tied up in anger and needs a bounty shake off to bounce back on the pay roll.

Many relationships are broken not for infidelity or scandal alone but with anger not well managed, a husband or wife seems strange to each other all of a sudden till the relationship crashes. Malice, Cheating, Lies and others could be products of a mismanaged anger from either spouse in a marriage or relationship.

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It is who you are that you should continue to be notwithstanding the outcomes of offenses or results of anger filled into the mind. One with a good character can control, manage or eventually become deformed in character if he or she is not disciplined.

In conclusion, The Harmful Effects of Anger is dangerous to both your health and mental well-being, think properly before any action in life and from a professional advice and counseling, it is more beneficial to always stay positive.

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