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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Most attractive Holiday Resorts in Nigeria

Nigeria the largest populated country in Africa. The land mass is twice as large as one quarter of most neighbouring countries put together. The country is surrounded by two-third of the flowing rivers, and sea waters flowing round the coastal paths of the continent.
Many other country citizens both from Europe and other African Countries dwell and reside in Nigeria for tourism and business purposes. Nigeria's major export is crude oil, timber, cocoa and few of other agricultural proceeds like groundnuts, cotton, cassava, corn millets etc.

In Nigeria a huge fun is always expected during the holiday season like christmas, special toruing events, the popular calabar carnival and most especially on the nationwide public holiday held on special dates of the calendar.
There are several Holiday Resorts like the beach, national theatre, national amusement parks, museum and the centre for tourism, arts & culture where lovely craftworks and arts are displayed to forestall the pride, beauty and culture of the Nigerian People.

1. National Arts Theatre
It is situated on the lagos mainland area in lagos state, Nigeria. It is a government established centre for Arts & Culture with attractive spots in and around to catch one's fancy, like the 5,000 hall capacity for world conferences, artiste village for Actors and Actresses, the craft shop and creative centre for sculpture designs and paintings.
Inside the Nation Arts Theatre Iganmu, is also where the News Agency of Nigeria had its first building structure before it's formally relocated to a new site.

2. The National Amusement Park, Lagos

Formally known as a relaxation spot for children and families who are fun lovers ready to spin the wheels and exhibit the kiddies train for fun.

Today it allows a much larger crowd since expansion by the Babatunde Raji Fashola led government in lagos state who re-developed the park tremendously with loads of more fun like the Horseriding, 1,300m Sq Swimming Pool and an Electrifying water falls with a world class lightning design also installed around the amusement park.

3. Eko Bar beach

This was transformed recently into a world class beach resort for tourists around thr country who loves a timr out at the beach for either taking photos or loves swimming in the coolwaters of The Eko Bar Beach. A lot of people find this spot attractive since it was upgraded from a usual hangout spot sighted with low standard and poor maintenance, buy at least one can now have good dinner at the beach situated on The Eko Island, Lagos. The world event to showcase football talents on the beach "Copa Lagos Beach Soccer", was inducted in lagos at the Eko Bar Beach when it debuted in the year 2009 in Lagos.


A site of Tinapa from a lens held at kilometres far away is going to tell about this exotic spot built in the regional horizon of calabar, under the office of the former governor of Cross River. His Excellency Dr. Donald Duke. He was at the time given an awards for Silverbird Man of the year held anually by the television giants in Entertainment. Silverbird Television. A visit to TINAPA reveals the true essence of beauty, culture and pride of beautiful Nigeria in glamourously designed Tinapa.
Inside Tinapa is a world class shopping mall and a 21st century cinema for films and movie admirers. The kids don't always want to go back home whenever they eventually arrive at the Tinapa water falls which spring forth from about 300m below ground level. Indeed Tinapa is an adventurous place to visit whenever you are on holidays.


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