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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Nigeria Recession, A Concern to Africa, World and Investors In Small Businesses. SME's

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is the largest black nation in Africa. Nigeria, is also the largest oil exporting country in Africa. As we know, there is a huge mix of africans in others countries around the world. Nigeria as one of the key nations with impact in almost all other African countries due to the large volume of exportation and importation business that is been carried out in the country on a daily basis, one therefore has cause to ask questions in times like this the largest black nation called Nigeria is currently in a downtime with her economy, dragging its feet on the stock exchange market, burea du change, exporting and importation, international investments and taxation.

Our focus this moment is on the effect of the country's recession and how it affects the economic stability of others not unconnected with dealings both inside and outside the country. A country like Nigeria has a very large market for most key commodities traded around the globe. As a republic nation, the federal government is on a strive to redevelop its nation's wealth and restore the economy into its proper state of finance and commercial value. Most SME's (Small Scale Businesses) are closed down out of business because the day to day running expenses is no longer able to keep the business from bankcruptcy and surplus debt.

Interrelationships with other African counties are common boundaries for the global community to evolve and thrive in the continuous race of civilization while conducting businesses and other bilateral contraptions. Nigeria who likely may have been cut out unexpectedly by a recession as this one introduces a log of arguments about the future of other mutually related neighbouring communities. The world economy at large is currently in oblivion of Nigeria's waivering economy, and its global impact if it is revisited with more economic meltdown.

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