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Saturday, 26 November 2016

People or Power, where is the politician found guilty

A country like Nigeria well populated though having over 250 languages and more than 50 ethnic tribes in general. The believe that a Nigeria with peaceful elections and organized political processes has always been a mirage in times past till date.

We can not tell how much important it is anymore if it matters in Nigeria to still vote in subsequent elections because some of the citizens are of the opinion that it may just be another waste of time.
Politicians and their political parties in the country have steadily been on a rise. So many aspirant turn out daily for the quest of leadership and competing to occupy respective positions in the upper house.
Many citizens will take no chances by coming for the polls at when due no matter what it takes rather going to businesses that fetch them income for survival is preferrable. One wonders how is the response to peoples opinion treated in a country like Nigeria. Who is  listening to the many crys of the citizens and how much priority is attached to the rendering of solutions to these millions of complains and rancour in the society.

Where is the politician found guilty amidst all of these isn't inconclusive. Power however is the drive for many who seek high positions in government and politics is really not a game in Nigeria when it is been tamed with controversies, ill-mannered approach of both persons in contest and their supporters. When outgrown the stages of conquest and battle for the results of election in Nigeria, there still lies the possible flamming of another possesive character out of the inner chambers of the ruling class whom may stand by his/her interested candidate to object openly and disregard the verdicts of the officiating body to the election and as expected outrageously, this informs the unaviodable rising of fresh mutilation and creates a tense but horrific and gruelsome behaviours out of the people who are supposed supporters and citizens likewise. In the event of this unruly acts, a huge number of individuals loose their lives and properties and after a period of rumbling and paralytic adjournements from the judiciary handling the electoral petitions, the masses are aimlessly set off from their balance and obviously been short served by the presumed leaders who are still in a rift over power and clamour for control of nations swindled economy. The anonymous high and mighty in the country's list of past leaders and even those present are not indifferent with character and purposeful dislogdement of compromised vices in ethics of leadership.
A government is indulged with battles of power and positioning of offices till the tenure presently in seat of office, which is expected to serve is dainted with mass oppression from all aggrieved force institutions, communal clashes, loot of treasury, controversial and partial judgments in courts, poor and underdevelopment of infrastructures and lack of capacity building, economic financial instablity and mismanagement of public funds etc. All of these is fumed out of an uncoordinated clan of politicians with greed and unrest in the chase of themselves to either make governance for their rivals disputable and disjointed.

In these whole bamboozled effect, where has been the masses faith and aspirations of a better survival in a country like Nigeria as a case study. The politicians are not through with having all their wishes granted nor displayed all of their mights and dispositions of impotency in office. 

How is the citizen been shaped out of the lingered circumstances that surrounds a politics in Nigeria? Where and what is responsible for continuous mediocrity in leadership such as this forshayed in a land of assumed slogan such as 'Peace and Unity'.

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