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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Politics In Nigeria Is Really Not A game

Politics from the meaning derived from the Advanced Oxford Dictionary.      
"The activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power:" Definition of Politics    
How else is a citizen supposed to fare in a government that may not be well equipped with the adequate knowledge about human welfare and leadership ethics.
It is not about forcefully imposing rules and bi-laws that govern the people alone but also a prior challenge of keeping its citizens welfare at heart and always.

The politics in Nigeria however is really not a game unlike so many others will say that "politics is a game". In Nigeria shedding of blood and loss of properties and unforeseen circumstances is the order of the political arena in the country also known as "giant of Africa" Nigeria. A singular interest of one individual who is to contest for positions in government offices is treacherously overridden with plagues of dismay and unruly acts both in daylight around the country.

Talks about elections and political issues is trolled with hurts and hatreds which pollutes the scene in general. Younger aspirants and future prospective candidates may have dumped the interests for a political race in the country because of disorderliness and lack of moral control which overwhelms the entire populace as a nation.
The next general elections in the country will be in 2019, we will keep our fingers crossed.
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