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Monday, 14 November 2016

The Awful Experience On Nigerian Roads

People travel from places to places and now its already Christmas season where the ideal Igbo man from eastern Nigeria will go to his hometown where he is from, therefore engages on a journey to the village from the city. After living in the city for so long with his family and siblings.

The awful experience on Nigerian roads till date is alarming to the travelers, tourists and citizens of Nigeria who are in the fore fronts of the mayhem caused by Nigerian roads. On a daily basis in most local villages, trucks and big vehicles are witnessed plying the little towns and even farm areas in the nearby villages close to the highways. These have been the routine for decades with no new developments on most of these major roads.
Nigerian Government workers do they ever pass this same roads? or is it their deliberate escape from the experience of gridlocks or damaged roads along the highways where they are expected to fix up to good standards for the mutual benefit of the masses.

Port-Harcourt road is a major linkage to most eastern cities and neighboring states around Abia State. Excess campaigns with this road in particular can't be reviewed because of how almost all the Governors who ruled the state in the past have promised the repairs of the road in their bogus manifesto speeches and yet they never remembered to fulfill this claims.
One of the most appaling cities in the east with the worst roads ever in Nigerian history is the Portharcourt Road in Aba. Our pictures below can give you a hint to the bizzare experience that is poised on the Portharcourt Road Aba.

This is a plea however with the respective agencies and governing council to take its responsibilities honestly with credibility and integrity. The people of Aba are no longer in silence about these mayhem caused by the numerous bad roads around the state,
With all protocols observed and as regards to Nigeria Roads, Citizens of Nigeria deserve a better Education, Hospitals and Good Roads, Electric Power Supply and Clean Water for drinking. Above all we are looking on to great leaders our dear country for fairness and equal rights and justice for all.

Thanks for reading this one.

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