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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Three Uncommon Lifestyles in Aba that you never seen or heard before

In the other states of Nigeria, these things are counter offences and may attract severe penalties but certainly not in the city of Aba in Abia state, Nigeria.

It is believed that the Aba is one city full of business men and women both from the Abia state and travellers outside Abia, though their slogan remains "God's Own State" and Aba as a major city in the state is also known as Enyimba City. One wonders if truly as acclaimed that this state is God's, then where do all of these uncommon lifestyles spring from?

Apparently, the state is about 6,320km square and with its high esteemed business reputation a lot of people choose to travel down to the city of Aba for most business ventures like manufacturing of shoes, repairs, tailoring, cargo and the business of buying and selling which the city is popularized for, however these uncommon lifestyles do not portray a slogan that reads "God's Own State".

It may interest you to know how outrageous this city harbours the abnormalities on a daily basis with no repulsive action taken in a long time to curtail these habitual misconduct in the state.

Uncommon lifestyles of the city of Aba includes:

Dumping of refuse around any available corner or a nearby drainage or pit. The refuse grows spontaenously to fill the area and a Aba indigene in broad day light takes on with the next available space around to continue the refuse dumping. See pictures below.

Furthermore, in Aba anybody can go ahead with spread of his or her market goods on the main road, whether along pedestrian walkway or on drainages, the bitter truth of it all is how uniterested both the government and the people are over this continued misconduct of handling goods. Whether edibles or not. What makes these scenerio more incredible is the uncontrollable set of others who thinks is even better to display their sellables almost on the major road where vehicles may nearly or possibly crush them.

Lastly, the trucks and motor vehicles no longer offload their goods where it is appropriate unless on the major roads, it is evident that this city is highly unordered or its residents may be very comfortable with disorderliness. 

The picture below shows a vehicle and their busy loaders and offloaders doing their usual in the middle of a motorable road and as expected no one is bothered.

Some months ago the government of Abia State opted to relocated most traders from the Ariaria Market to a new site that wikl be better appreciated for business.

Hope things are going to be different soon?

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