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Friday, 13 January 2017

Best Entrepreneur Mindset for Startups

Design Outlook:
Appearance is everything most times when you need to conquer design outlook any business venture. Business ventures like Trading, Fashion Designing, Run Way Modelling, Stage Acting, Showbiz etc.

A proper design outlook is better than the old fashioned way of promoting a business which seems rather bogus and too large due to its traditional methods of running a multiple long and short term logistics like commercials via public announcements or a specially designed event for products exhibitions. These may consume a lot time both in planning and implementation, but we still can not underestimate the Values of a Quality Advertisement or Business Commercials on TV.

Sequel to the computer age of today, many businesses still thrive to compete in their respective markets trying to win the hearts of many to their expensive brands, products and services as a plan to generate more sales. Alternatively, the sole aim of every business owner is to make profits and continue to stay in business. Therefore here is a sincere advice on the right Mindset for Business Setups.

Setting Up A Business
A small scale enterprise needs a huge campaign strategy for business setups to be able to survive and excel in any field.

Few Campaign Strategies that works - Word of mouth - Discount Offers - Bonus Sales and Complimentary Gifts Items branded to suit the business. - Commercial Advertisement (offline or online)

The listings above show the most common and effective day-to-day strategic campaign styles that entrepreneurs in business should embrace to survive the recession. Nigeria Business Entrepreneurs specifically needs more of these working techniques right now, judging from the present state of the economy's growth which has been facing a staggering fate since last 24 months. More so, the basic prerequisite for every business especially small scale businesses, is how to sustain our business for a long period of time, and also make a huge profit out of an investment.

Finally, set off with your business in the right location, then you should plan a consistent campaign to always promote your business systematically, but must be consistent in marketing the business venture in general.

In conclusion, appearance and the outlook of your business should set you off ahead of all other things, next is uniqueness in the quality of brand while maintaining a professional delivery of the services is also essential. Prospects tend to perceive you from a distance before citing through your packaging, products lining, business design model and operational features, these things ultimately influences a decision on the prospects naturally to offer their patronage.


Before setting up a business, consider the following.
  1. Your design should be everything in a wrap.
  2. Marketing plan/ frequent promotional strategies.
  3. Knowing who are your customers is important.
  4. Conducting a market survey.
  5. Quality Assurance should not be compromised.
  6. Make your products easily accessible. (Logistics)
  7. You may need to have a yearly or monthly budget cover for both running expenses and adverts placement.


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