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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Your career needs a relevant skill. Figure it out.

The first step to choosing a career is figuring out what your skills are. Skills means An ability that has been acquired by training or what you are talented for.

NB: When you have taken stock of yourself and your skills, it can give your some guidance in making choice of a career.

1. If you do not like children; teaching and child care are not good careers for you.
2. If you faint at the sight of blood, you won't become a surgeon.
3. If you are extremely good at mathematics, a career in the sciences or in finance could be an excellent choice.

But figuring your skills help to inform a choice of career since it matches your skill set. But you will likely face situations where you enjoy a certain aspect of a career but you don't have the right crop of skills.

Without the neccessary skills, you will likely struggle and fail to produce. And production is the name of the game for a successful employee. If you do not produce at a high yeild level, you're replaceable.

For instance, if you enjoy the idea of making commissions as a salesperson but you lack communication skills, you won't be able to effectively highlight why a client should invest money in what you are selling.

If you can not close sales, you won't earn a commission and you're ultimately a liability to the company.

Acquire SKILLS relevant for the choosen career, whether through higher education, training programs or identifying strategies to develop them in everyday situation. Do not relent until you are already developed in your skil

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