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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Before Choosing a Life Partner (A Must Read) -SERIES

Emmanuel Towers Blog is here again with the exclusive talks on Relationships and Marriage; this is a big issue today as a lot of young ones had already got it all wrong from the start of their relationship lifestyle. Although, the choice or decision of whom to make a life partner is solely yours but a lot has to be dealt with in your checklist of choosing a life partner or soul mate.

Before choosing a life partner, We choose to make this topic issue a series on Emmanuel Towers Blog because it has a lot to deal with and cannot be overemphasized, also the entirety of the realities of binding two people together as husband and wife may not be completely availed to anyone here on earth since we are all learners, out of more and more day to day activities around us then our knowledge and experience becomes broadened. Straight away to Choosing a Life Partner.

Many still see this as an avenue to get a helper for life and subdue all your marital problems in the end to one of the partners without looking out for the right cause for marriage, God has given woman to be a helper and assist in all that he craves as the day is gone by but many have abused the platform for selfish reasons and greed to the extreme, both sexes are guilty of these perhaps the multitude of other genuine people in marriage remains uncountable.

We shall continue to discuss this particular issue on Choosing a Life Partner in lengthy but very descriptive details since it’s a series but before we go further, please consider a few of the listed factors below that should be included in your Soul Mate Checklist.
man and woman holding each other under an umbrella

  1. What is the current state of his/her living?
  2. Does he or she have a previous married life?
  3. Who are his/her guardians?
  4. What are the implications of the past Medical Records for the both of you?
  5. Who is the closes person to him/her?
  6. How is the anger management of the person
  7. What are the things that turns him/her on or off

Please note that Emmanuel Towers Blog has deliberately neglected Religious, Racial or Spiritual factors that may be connected to an extent in this Issue about Things to Consider Before You Choose A Partner because we do not think its relevant event most of the Articles on Marriage out there may not support this.

See you in Part III

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