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Monday, 17 July 2017

Bet9ja Virtual League -The Truth

Bet9ja Virtual League showed me hell before i got a different say, this time i talk about the plays of 38Weeks VFLeague from Bet9ja. 

Lately, I have been recieving emails and several phone calls on whether there exist any way around the league and its chances, Well i chose to make this a post here on OrangeNation Style News Blog. Just as our Ashiru Ahmed of mentioned to us in his 2,3,8 pattern, which can be found on his website here Betting Tips: Don’t do these 3 things! tempting, but don’t.

However for me. Its the "1.5 2.5 key". Thank GOD FOR THE huge 13odd Bet9ja usually place against Chelsea in the league. The truth is that, such event was initiated to create room for surplus goals although would always be in favor of the Stamford Bridge blues. But However, before the judgment day came it was not all possible as thought in the whole appearance encountered with Chelsea. Big thanks Akin Alabi for the new upgrade finally been launched. (both Desktop and Mobile Platforms got an upgrade) Hmm... i so love the layout and its new design with much more stats and details to guide your predictions.


Now here’s the truth we all didn't know about. Based on observations and especially since the new upgrade took effect, there seem to be more goals, less draws, lesser outcome of 3-3 draw too and now instead we have more outcome of 12 wins, home and away score options but wait, lets talk about the goals and where they are likely out of the 10events for every week in the league. This will blow your mind. Look through the correct score board carefully as it will always scroll over the screen and back again till a league football match starts.

The question now is which out of ten of the displayed fixtures is likely to deliver more goals? This is but a bit technically worrisome and is only subjected to your final decision, absolutely not mine not Akin Alabi's. It is preferable not to accrue more than 3 selections of 2.5 in goals and do not be over anxious to make a choice so as to avoid excessive wrong decisions. A 3or4 nice picks should be fine. So what do u do?

Look out for the 0-0 section on the correct score board when it appears. Next is to take ur eyes through it quickly to scan about 2,3 or more picks having the highest odds. Eg: 14.9, 12.9, 11.1, 9 and 10 sometimes; etc. You should be able to discern wisely. Remember all of these process contained in my post about Bet9ja Virtual Football League you have agreed hereby upon reading this post to be solely responsible for your actions hence, this is only a master piece of my thoughts and as a contributor and fun lover of the games, also a fan on Bet9ja Virtual Football League since past 4years and counting.. "Of cause its hard to quit".

Now that you are on the 0-0 Correct score board, 1,2,or 3.5 in goals remains entirely your own solely decision to take and anticipate a good outcome if i was in your shoe. That's my thought and I hope it works. 

Here is a New Mobile Layout for -New Mobile Landing Page

Goodluck!. Comment below and share your opinion and contributions.