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Friday, 28 July 2017

Health Education: An Intervention Strategy

Man carrying a pile of books for learning.
Health is wealth. This is a familiar saying which everyone knows; even the little babies of yesterday are already been used to the slogan. It is high time people took Health Education as a tool for promoting a better lifestyle in the community at large especially among the youths, many of whom are highly obsessed with the numerous fantasies of life. Health is a sensitive issue and needs a required level of awareness to be properly managed at all levels. The highly respected government bodies and her other subsidiaries  should be in the fore lead of this campaign to curb the level of unawareness in our society. The Schools, Religious Centers like Mosques and Churches are also reliable entities to succeed this very cause.

Health education can be defined in simple terms as a way of encouraging a healthy lifestyle through a process of learning and creating awareness.

Now let’s look at how the world have grown today and it is still in its continuous evolving process, this is because of education, skill, talent, the power of knowledge and processed information which is most relevant for all and sundry at their separate levels which has now been transformed into development for the people till date, and in the long run also, the welfare and standard of living will be continuous positioned towards improvements.

This particular article is a confrontation aid to help us combat limitations and fears in our approach to a resourceful medium like health education which ought to be mandatory in all school levels. We have hopes that at the end of reading this write-up, you should start to see your fears in learning as a minor, while having the understanding that Health Education is much more an Intervention Strategy that will inform, equip and empower the entire populace to a more relief state. On a second though, Health Education should be input in all categories of Education to teach people the things that really matters about their health, surrounding and health of others in general.

Do you not know that some cases of diseases spread in a home is caused out of ignorance and negligence which where information that ought to be made rampant and as at when it is due from the beginning. I believe these will be a great addition to the few factors that influences our community and society lifestyles as a people because of the spread of knowledgeable prowess which is easily accessed at finger tips. A big thanks to the this biggest giant host of digital information and her entire team who inspire us bloggers to research more online and convey the knowledge and ideas which could be relevant to others in the public like the Creation of Emmanuel Towers Blog, A blog website on Issues about Health Care and Lifestyle.
I am of the opinion that the government and individuals therefore need to raise the game up by installation of more Health Centers and Medical Teaching Hospitals, NGO’s Pro Health Clinics, Specialized Health Schools and also install recommended Professional Institutions who are to be actively involved in the chase for an acceptable Global Health Orientation using their numerous Intervention Programs.

  1. There will be less number of sick persons.
  2. The death rate recorded in the country will be likely cut down to below 20%.
  3. Many people will be more careful about health maintenance.
  4. A large number of informed citizens will contribute to country’s Healthy report.
  5. Reduction in the number of illiteracy.
  6. Low amount of risk and emergencies can be expect on the country’s Health report.
  7. People will be happier and live in a better state of health.
  8. It is a positive impact on a large mass of the citizens.
  9. It will create more jobs out of the Health Sector.
  10. People live healthier are not malnourished.
  11. It will raise the community healthy lifestyle.
  12. Helps to orientate people earlier about a disease, its transmission and prevention.
  13. Finally, everyone needs health education

The End.

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