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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Lifestyle: Home Maintenance Tips, Tested and Trusted

It is a great pleasure to share again with you my dear blog readers here on Emmanuel Towers Blog more awesome tips of maintaining our homes in a healthier way just like Highly Communicable Environment Hazards to Avoid, by now we believe that a lot of you out already know of the importance of taking good care of our environment and its health status which is very important to us as a sensitive percentage of our healthy lifestyle is wholesomely dependent on that.

Front view of a home with a bicycle parked at the entrance

Home Maintenance goes beyond sweeping the homes and taking of the bathrooms, if you already take a good control of your rooms health and bathroom health by sweeping regularly then we really commend you and have only one thing to say, well-done and continue to maintain the health status of your environs, you will have no choice than to thank Emmanuel Towers Blog in the end.

Today on Emmanuel Towers Blog, it is a paramount issue at hand and we have to share with you the Healthier Home Maintenance Tips that may keep your Home Health status in a lasting shape.

Things to do to Maintain a Health Home

  1. Apply the Use of Deodorants to several corners of the house.
  2. Make use of disinfectants, camphor around the house on a regular basis etc.
  3. Ensure there is a good mosquito net cover on all the windows and doors.
  4. Lookout for cobwebs hanging around the hidden places in the house before they form a host to insects and others.
  5. Do not expose your foods items.
  6. Keep untidy belonging and dirty clothes at a specific place in the house, avoid littering.
  7. Make space provision for waste that should be disposed regularly.
  8. Quickly fumigate the house at any time when you suspect a need for it.

Benefits of a Healthy Home Maintenance

  •  A Healthy Home is free of germs.
  • There is a low risk of falling sick in a Healthy Home 
  • A Home Environment that is well tidy is free of rodents and other pests and creeping insects.
  • It saves the entire family costs of medications.
  • The health status of household members is improved.

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