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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is an excessive misuse of time with no actions. Do more and talk less is the motto for some who had been caught up in the act in the time past after series of lessons they already learned from their past mistakes.

Having a high reception to the procrastination syndrome may ultimately be a problem everyone is likely to be guilty about to an extent because we as humans can only propose while the creator disposes. However, a disciplined individual should have a set of priorities in every day life, both at work and at home.

Fortunately, to develop a high resistance to procrastination is very easy and it relates to how one is disciplined with time and been matured to carry out decisions with or without prior supervision. Procrastination kills a mans' dream and it impairs vision likewise. A decision already made by mouth she be accompanied with relevant efforts put together to actualize the target and then move to the next plan. Whatever you do not do at the time you ought to have it done will be an extra load of work in future.

Marriages and existing family homes today were out a borne effort to succeed the existence of humanity but for a growing generation as witnessed in recent times, a lot of new homes and marriages, contracts, projects etc; are delayed due to procrastination and indecision.

Wrong use of time:
Take time serious in all that you do and be very calculative about the essence of time and its value, if you are not conscious about time always then you may be already heading towards a fatal loss of proper decision making.

The meaning of attitude goes beyond the manners of behavior in the surrounding or towards those in higher authorities, attitude toward work and family, projects, tasks and others should be a prime factor if you want to achieve anything good in life. it is important to put forth a good attitude towards anything you hope to achieve and value whatever you should value because your carefree attitude most times never yield the expected results.
Peer Pressure
This is applied to everyone who is a social freak or considered jovial and friendly, hence, be careful not to be influenced the wrong way by following steps of friends, cousins, neighbors who lack vision or do not align with the same dream and passion that you have to enable you succeed in the little time you may have.

  1. Do not be a talkative
  2. Arrange your projects, goals and vision in their order of priorities
  3. Have a mandated consciousness to carry out all that is on your list
  4. Keep the time near you always and respect it also
  5. Have a circle of friends with the same passion and agree only to what points to your mission been accomplished.
  6. Develop a routine of set goals that must be achieved hourly, daily, weekly or monthly etc.
  7. Do not take your spare time for granted because you really may not have one if you check your program carefully.
  8. Tick every completed tasks and rekindle the drive for next on the list
  9. Always think about the implications ahead when your task is not executed in the stipulated time.

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