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Monday, 24 July 2017

Making A Lifestyle: Learn More About Forgiveness

WORDS OF WISDOM: Forgiveness is a lifestyle- why you should live it?
Blog Reader, do you know that it is easier to forgive before hand than when there is already couple of reasons why you should forgive.

Do you ever find it hard to forgive all those who wrong you?
Here's the truth, When Jesus Christ said forgive 70x7 times, he was simply preparing you to forgive the offense that will come ahead of you. This is because if you know that people's imperfection can cause them to offend, then you would have prepared a defense mechanism against people's weakness.

This defense mechanism is FORGIVENESS, which already runs in your whole body accumulated system, it is left for you to pull it out easily when the need arises, like forgiving offenses. (Proverb 11:17) Whenever you practice forgiveness it does not make you anything less but a better addition to the list of other multiple healthy lifestyles.

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