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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Music can modify your habits

Playing of music is fun and enjoyable but also can be detrimental to ones' character and attitude in life, irrespective of the type of music ones plays or he or she is attracted to it either because of the melody or lyrics, it is important to develop a sound receptive mind to every song.

Music can be a tool for mending a wounded heart or imperatively worsen the mindset, it is only how it is been received in the end and how it was absorbed that will determine a possible outcome on its reflection to ones' character. In this very article, Teenagers and adolescents are a case study of proof to show how negatively or positively a sound, lyrics, music been played can modify the habits.

Habits are conscious exhibitions from within the sanity of the mind, it is either positive or negative but with music in addition to someone with absolutely no self control, such a one can be misguided or apparently misinterpret what he or she listens. Every song has its lyrics and melody to flow with and is also a game of mind to free absorb a sound and at the same instance let it go through for pleasure sake except otherwise. Younger ones today are caught up in the euphoria of badly composed lyrics and musical tracks with little or no positive impact to an individual or the society at large. Therefore caution should be applied to choice of music and lyrics been played out to younger ones so as to enhance their sanity in the right direction and not to impound more mayhem to their future or surrounding.

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