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Saturday, 15 July 2017

New Hope for Cancer Patients

There isn't a person in America who hasn't been touched by cancer. Although the diagnosis often elicits fear, a new cancer drug is providing never before seen hope to people with this dreaded disease.
Scientists at Rafael Pharmaceuticals believe their new drug, CPI-613, is a breakthrough for people suffering from some of the most devastating types of cancer, such as pancreatic, lymphoma and lung. 
CPI-613 is administered to cancer patients intravenously in a hospital. Each infusion lasts up to two hours. 
Cancer Cells Are Different From Healthy Cells
CPI-613 was developed as part of Rafael's proprietary Altered Energy Metabolism Directed (AEMD) drug platform. The drug is designed to target the mitochondrial tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, an indispensable process essential to tumor cell multiplication and survival, selectively in cancer cells.
Cancer cells have different nutritional needs than healthy cells. CPI-613 targets cancer metabolism, which is a relatively new way of treating the disease.  
Rafael Pharmaceuticals president David Polinsky said CPI-613 offers new hope to cancer patients in a way no other drug can. "I think at Raphael we're really on the cusp of some very exciting times ahead in the field of oncology."
Pat Robertson talks with the chairman of Rafael Pharmaceuticals, Howard Jonas, and the scientist who developed CPI-613, Dr. Robert Shorr, about this promising treatment for cancer on Monday's 700 Club.
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