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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Pitfalls In Leadership and Ethics

Rome was not built in a day, so do our knowledgeable prowess require time to complete the circle if there will ever be and end to learning.
Even life itself is UN-explanable by so many theologians and numerous number of philosophers around the world who already concluded that life is a journey, therefore we keep going and the farther we go, the more we get more experiences about everything that happens around the hemisphere.

Leadership is the act of taking control and having the qualities of a leader. Ethics on the other hand is a system of moral principles, and rules of conduct. Pitfalls and the many fails in leadership and ethics varies based on the office and nature of hierarchy where leadership is been practised.

LEADERSHIP PITFALLS are noticed in the health conditions of choices made with the intention to either harness growth in the lifestyle of people been ruled or on the contrary these decision are revoked to impair further developments, and hence the die is cast.

The Do's and Dont's of Leadership

  1. A leader carries him/herself as also a follower and not a absolute commander
  2. Good leadership is evident in the well being of the people led 
  3. Every leader must be a good listener
  4. Create an atmosphere that should be very relatable so as to garner possible energy required within.
  5. A leader confronts challenges with a creative ability
  6. It is paramount as a leader to always foster a steady motivational and natural in-flow of energy.
  7. Do not allow even a slight weakness from you to be perceived by the people you lead before you work on it. Act fast! and recoup the energy flow again. NB: Showing strength differs from being a bully.
  8. Avoid indecision and keep your integrity, indecision creates a wrong signal and tension in the workforce, likewise a slight weakness if perceived.
  9. Do not work alone. (Team work is very key)
  10. Always be result driven and very articulate with decision making
  11. Amidst a challenge, seek all chances available to solve the puzzle while applying wisdom first .
  12. A leader must get adequate knowledge.

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