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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Marriage: Before You Say I Do

Marriage can be witnessed as a union between two separate individuals who have decided to be living with one another as couples (Husband and Wife).
Couple as a Marriage terminology and not as been referred to by Physicists is the union of a man and a woman. In English Vocabulary Dictionary, Couple means joined or joining.
The best I DO practices for marriage should be the coupling, coupling the right way or jointly making the marriage a success on both ends. The proper coupling here as we mean is what links the words I DO that was said in agreement with the marriage vows. Marriage is said to bind two people either as a union of the male and female (couples) or the referred Husband and Wife.

A Marriage best practice should be filled with actions that affirm the vows of marriage. Of cause keeping the vow is like upholding to integrity, and integrity on its own basis is characterized with actions, it is a pull of actions that affirm outspoken words. A healthy lifestyle includes a certain level of integrity and discipline. Healthy Living and Health Lifestyle are also bi-products of integrity and discipline. Emmanuel Towers Blog categorically makes it clear on this issue that the “BEST I DO PRACTICES FOR MARRIAGE” are; Integrity, Discipline, Action.
We shall continue on this issue in part II

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