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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Reasons Why You Should Never Skip A Single Meal

Every meal has its main function and contribution into our health status on a daily basis, therefore it is advisable to be well fed so long as there is appetite and you are able to eat the desired amount of food for each square male. In the invent a single meal is skipped in a single day, this undauntedly has a high negative impact to the body system in general than the set advantages which are unknown to some of us to be very detrimental and exposes us to more health risk.

Breakfast is to be taken every morning and it is very essential for the day’s energy, most people think it’s optional to eat breakfast but that is not an advisable lifestyle for a healthy living.

Breakfast Recommendation:
Light Weight Foods are best for breakfast in the morning; they are a good supplication of energy required for the body in the whole day especially foods that are rich in fibre like cereals, tea and most crunchy foods. A heavy food that you may take in the morning period will deposit a lot of pound on your weight for the day and is likely to make become easily tired in a short time.

There is every need to have a lunch meal in between the day and is accountable to sustaining the level of energy retained from the breakfast earlier taken in the morning. Remember there is no reason to skip any meal in the day when you can actually get a space of time and have a choice of eating something no matter how little, another important meal in the day is the lunch meal which is also not optional or else one is ready to be completely exhausted for the rest of the day and gradually be out of weight in no time. Mid day meals fills the gap between the whole day and helps to control the waste recycling of the body, in addition it rebuilds a major balance in the weight of the body. In fact, this is a very important meal in the day and should not be skipped.

Lunch Recommendation:
A Bit of Weighty foods and snacks or grains, tuber foods etc are advisable for lunch in the afternoon.

This is the most important of them all as this is a very sensitive time when you need food substance in the body system to carry you through the long hours of the night. Its implications are more than Breakfast and Lunch when it is skipped in the day. Before going to bed, endeavor to have dinner before sleeping because you may find it very hard to sleep calmly and in a comfortable way through the night, whenever you skip dinner at night, the rate of hunger in the next morning will be increased and may cause an overeating lifestyle during breakfast.

General Health Implications of Skipping a Single Meal in the day
  1. Expect a loss of weight in a short time.
  2. You may be forced to over-eating during the next meal.
  3. The risk of falling ill easily is increased by 50% if you persist with such an unhealthy lifestyle of skipping meals.
  4. Risk of ulcer due to little amount of food in the body system.
  5. Worms attack on your walls and stomach linings.
  6. Your body is at risk of losing vital nutrients and minerals required for vitality.
  7. You immunity level may be affected.
  8. You may be easily tired due to a lack of required energy.
  9. Stomach aches and tummy pain due to worms in the empty space of your stomach  looking for food to eat.
  10. A high level of restlessness and general discomfort at intervals.
  11. Skipping a meal may lead to a loss of concentration at work.
  12. Lack of control of locomotive strength needed to walk.

Hope this article was helpful?

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