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Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Use of Bicycles In The Old Age from 30+ Above Can Be A Health Advantage.

Particularly in the Eastern Nigeria, where i come from, its a usual experience having to see older ones who loves the natural means of tackling healthcare issues like to ride a cycle and doing it even more regularly in a particular day, therefore serving as a means of cheap and accessible transport means, but that’s not all.
Bicycle Parked Beside A Wall

In their old age from my observations, they look stronger, younger and more energetic to be compared to the others adults who do not ride a bicycle. Most of these old age persons are inclusive of women and most are beyond 30+. After a close observation to this development in this part of Nigeria, I will support the ride of cycles (bicycle) for and old age where as there are no healthcare issues or doctor's reports compelling the person against the use.

It is factual, to state categorically that cycles like the bicycles are a good sporting machines and can be supportive to healthy living with lifestyle too. Bicycles are not in anyway harmful but the rider can engage the cycle in a harmful manner, these are few conditions which might contradict to the acceptance in totality for old age persons over 30’s, if not so, it is alright to allow old age persons above 30's to get a sound bicycle for weekend ride and exercises to start stretching the muscles within those long femur and bone joints.

Unless one is incapacitated to the point he/she can not be able to have a Bicycle Ride for at least once in a week, then this can be totally ruled out as regarding the healthy living of such a person.

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