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Saturday, 15 July 2017

We don’t need another Civil war –Archbishop Agwu

The Archbishop,  Archdiocese of Port Harcourt,  Most Revd.  (Dr.) Sunday Agwu believes that Nigeria does not need another war and all efforts should be made to avoid conflicts among the people. In this interview with TONY JOHN, he spoke on various issues.
What is the cause of the crises in Nigeria?
It is quite unfortunate to witness what is happening in this country. For me,  Nigeria is a  blessed nation,  in deed.  It is only when you have not left the shores of this nation for some other countries,  that you cannot access correctly the quantum of blessing God has given to this nation.  Still, we cannot really manage the resources to take care of the less-privileged. I can assure you that 75 or 80 percent of Nigerians are wallowing in abject poverty. Yet,  we are still blessed.  Any corner you get to,  you find resources that can help sustain the poor people in this nation.  But, our problem has been that of bad leadership.  In fact,  I  want to say it without apologies.  Ninety-nine percent of our leaders go there to share the national cake.  And they forget that,  this cake is meant for them alone; that,  the position they occupy is a privilege.  You say we are copying United States to adopt presidential system of government. And, so,  we have the national, state and local government  levels. In fact,  in those days,  when we had oil boom,  these resources had not been channeled for the betterment of the common man.
When I traveled to South Africa, I  learnt that a former governor of Imo State has a  hotel in the country.  That is just an example of what our leaders do.  What of the late military Head of State,  General Sani Abacha?  How long did he rule Nigeria?  How many accounts did he have overseas?  He had bank accounts here and there,  so that his fourth generation would no longer be poor.  But, this is not what leadership is all about.  Leadership is for service,  for goodness sake.  As I am here,  I have been sent to Port Harcourt to serve Methodist people in Port Harcourt; and not  only Methodist people, to serve the generality of Riverians. That is why I am here.  And that is why I am disposed to serve because I know what God has sent me to do.
For instance,  look at the squalor people are living here in Port Harcourt. Recently,  when I visited a member of this church who lost a 24-year-old child,  I  couldn’t believe that people lived in such a place.  If it rains heavily, how do people live there? This is the kind of situation we are in and yet,  we have plenty of money in this country,  that can be used to set up houses at convenient places and give it to people at moderate charges.
What of food? We rely on oil,  and oil price has gone so low. I am happy government is talking of agriculture.  But,  can it be serious about it, because it will generate food,  employment,  just name it.  Our boys are carrying guns,  stealing,  killing and kidnapping people because there is no job.  They create work for themselves.
Nigerians troop to churches every Sunday.  But,  how many are conscious of obeying the word of God? 
That is another problem. Let’s come nearer home.  Rivers State Governor,  Nyesom Wike, has said in my presence,  that Rivers State is a Christian State.  That is one side of it.  But,  another side is the ability of the people of Rivers State to obey God and respect God’s word faithfully.  This is how I can summarize the problem of this nation in a nutshell.
EXCERPTS: sunnewsonline.com

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