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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? An Article Simply for Youths And Singles -Jude Okosun

One nerve raking question you can ask anyone is "What is your purpose on earth?
I assure you, not many will give you a straight forward reply. Don't be fooled by appearances in the world today because a lot of people are not absolutely sure about their core purposes here on earth. This is why there could be a high the rate of illiteracy, poverty and lack of proper welfare and healthy lifestyles. In fact, this is one vital question which desperate job seekers and frustrated office workers tend to ignore.

When Moses was an Egyptian Prince, his heart bled when he saw the oppression of his Hebrew brothers. Instinctively, Moses by then knew his purpose that He was suppose to lead his people from the land of Egypt. This ambition led him to boldly proceed with his designated purpose. You can then imagine how Moses felt when his leadership was rejected. 

Years later, Moses forgot about his purpose and was leading flocks of sheep in a remote desert; but dramatically, GOD sent him back to Egypt to fulfill his destiny.
Young Man Wearing a black bag facing north

What are those imperfect situations that breaks your heart like Moses?
What are those jobs you would gladly do without fees?
What are those goals that make you restless until you achieve them>
What are those projects that you can not stop talking about?
What are those things you do so efficiently which other can not?

Questions like these above, are examples of resolute questions that one should ask him or her self because they point to your purpose.

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